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We provide innovative uPVC doors & windows that match every single need of our customers. Our UPVC Doors and Windows are Termite Free, need not regular maintenance, its sound and dust proof and even you need not to worry about the paint because they come with painted frames.

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1What is uPVC?
UPVC is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the most versatile polymers found in the century. This flexibility of PVC is leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows and doors. UPVC (where 'U' stands for unplasticized) is one of the most preferred window framing material across the world.
2Benefits of uPVC
uPVC windows and doors offer many of the performance characteristics which no other material so far has achieved.
  • Weather Insulation
  • Chemical Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • No Painting Required
  • Light Weight & Low Maintenance Cost
  • Sound & Noise Protection
  • Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly
  • Variety of colors
  • Completely Customizable
  • Cost Effective
There are many more features of a uPVC door & window that give them a different look & feel.
3Why Partha Industries?
Today, Partha is the benchmark of excellence in windows and doors. Our success as India's largest windows brand is built on the strength of our product, quality of material we use and the innovations we bring to the table.
4Is durable for all weather?
Partha's proprietary uPVC formulation, comprising of special additives, ensures all our windows and doors retain shape, colour and lustre for long even when exposed to temperature variations or intense UV radiations. UPVC's inherent characteristics of negligible thermal expansion/contraction and very low thermal conductivity lead to superior product performance, excellent energy efficiency and environment sustainability.
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What Our Customers Say?

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    I loved the quality and the fast service of team Partha Industries where they delivered me the product of great quality and strength in a very quick time right at my doorstep.
    Sh. Narender Maan ji
    MPS School Jhajjar
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    Partha Industries are the leading dealers in the uPVC windows & doors segment and have variety of products in different styles and looks to have a look on.
    Raman Aggarwal Ji
    Dharmesh Textiles Bhiwani
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    We are the customers of Partha Industries since a long time and we are very much satisfied with their quality and genuineness as we have purchased all our home uPVC doors & windows from them.
    Rajnish Ji
    Shri Bala Ji Jewelers Bhiwani
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    One of my friend recommended me to use uPVC doors & windows for my new house and also to purchase from Partha Industries, now I have to say the product is too good and has given my home a different & stylish look
    Mandeep Yadav
    Life Style ZiM Charkhi Dadri
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    Working with Partha is one of the best decision of my life. If you are looking for Professionalism and quality then go for Partha. Highly recommendable from my side.
    Kalash Gupta Ji
    Nobal Chem PVT Ltd Bhiwani